National gym fined for illegal advertising in Milton Keynes

MPMC Gym advertising fine
MPMC Gym advertising fine

A national gym company has been ordered to pay fines and costs of more than £3,500 for putting up advertising banners on the highway in Central Milton Keynes.

The Gym Ltd, which has a branch in CMK, pleaded guilty to two offences of displaying an illegal advertisement in contravention of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990, during a hearing at

High Wycombe Magistrates Court on December 15.

The court heard the company had placed up banners promoting its business in February 2014, but was ordered to take them off the highway by officers of the Council’s Environmental

Crime Unit. The adverts were taken down.

However, on December 11, 2014, officers came across two new, and similar, banners attached to the railings on Witan Gate, Central Milton Keynes.

The company was summonsed for the offences and on Tuesday (Dec 15) was fined £750 for each offence – which included a 25per cent discount for an early guilty plea – and ordered to pay the

council’s legal and investigation costs of £2,092.50.

Pete Roberts, Environmental Crime Unit Team Leader, said: “There are clear guidelines on what businesses can and cannot do with regard to advertising. One of the main rules is that you must have the permission of the landowner to display advertisements on their land.

“This company was told that we do not allow these types of sign on the highway but completely disregarded this and did exactly the same thing again. The outcome was inevitable.”