Naughty nurse in topless romp

Jane Jackson
Jane Jackson

A WOODHILL prison nurse found topless in a treatment room with a highly dangerous inmate has denied she is no longer fit to do her job.

Jane Jackson allegedly wedged the door closed with a mop as she romped with the Category A prisoner.

When a colleague burst in, the 35-year-old was hiding behind the door, stripped to the waist, clutching her bra and top.

Her prison keys were unclipped from her belt and left unattended, a Nursing and Midwifery Council hearing was told.

Ms Jackson, who was suspended immediately after the incident, admits embracing and smuggling in toiletries for the inmate, known only as Prisoner A, but denies her fitness to practise as a nurse has been impaired.

She denies her conduct was sexually motivated and disputes that she was fully topless.

“She said she regretted her actions and was in a vulnerable state of mind at the time,” said Barry Dooley for the NMC.

“She knew prisoner A had strong feelings for her, and deep down knew he was a prisoner, she was an officer, and what she was doing was wrong.”

Woodhill, sometimes dubbed ‘Britain’s Alcatraz’, houses many of the country’s most dangerous prisoners in its Cat A unit.

The section includes rapists, murderers and terrorists whose escape, according to the Home Office, ‘would be highly dangerous to the public or national security’.

All staff are trained to retain their keys at all times and avoid being alone with a prisoner.

Ms Jackson, who has since been sacked by her Primary Care Trust employers, was told her actions potentially put at risk the security of Woodhill.

She complained to the hearing that prison officers were sometimes “on a power trip” when handling prisoners.

“Sometimes the way prison officers spoke to prisoners felt pretty rubbish. I can take a joke and have a laugh with people but I felt at times they made me feel stupid on front of prisoners.”

She said she bought the prisoner toiletries “to shut him up” after he pestered her.

After she was caught in the treatment room tryst she felt shocked and “disgraced”, she told the hearing.

“I just felt awful, was crying, and I couldn’t believe what happened to me. I wanted someone to dig a hole and bury me, I was so disgusted at what had happened.”

It’s believed the inmate, serving 18 years for attempted murder, has been moved to another prison.

> The hearing is due to conclude this week.