Neighbour complains to police 176 times about anti social behaviour in Milton Keynes street - then gets arrested

A desperate mum who called police 176 times about anti-social behaviour and alleged crimes in her street has ended up being ARRESTED herself - for being malicious.

Wednesday, 19th October 2016, 1:46 pm
Updated Tuesday, 25th October 2016, 8:56 pm

Victoria Mason-Banks has complained repeatedly about everything from drug dealing to abuse emanating from a neighbouring HMO she claims is occupied by up to 16 people.

But she says police have not been out once to take a statement from her.

Instead they have this week dished out a warning letterthat she could be prosecuted for wasting police time.

The 28-year-old claims the lack of action and compassion from police - and also the council - is now driving her into a mental breakdown.

“For three years I have put up with horrible anti social behaviour, noise, drugs, and threats coming from this HMO.

“To be ignored is bad enough, but to be arrested and threatened with criminal prosecution is the last straw.”

Victoria, from Speedwell Place, Conniburrow, is a carer for her disabled daughter.

She claims a constant stream of people from eastern Europe live in the nearby multiple occupancy house .

“They make my life hell.. I don’t feel safe at all living here,” she said.

She was arrested last month after making an allegedly racist comment to an operator to a police operator.

I said I wished they’d go back to their own country to be anti-social,” she admitted. “I know I shouldn’t have done but i was at the end of my tether.”

Milton Keynes police commander Gez Chiariello said: “I would like to reassure everyone in the community that we take all reports extremely seriously and in addition we will also always respond to anyone who calls us in an emergency.

“I am aware of a large number of reports made by one individual relating to various issues concerning parking, the behaviour of neighbours, public disorder, and subsequent complaints against police officers who have responded to these.

“We have thoroughly investigated, interviewing members of the community, installing temporary cameras, and increasing both high visibility and plain clothes patrols in Speedwell place. These reports in the main are unsubstantiated, and following an internal review into the individuals complaints there is no case to answer in terms of my officers’ conduct.”

Mr Chiariello added: “I would say to anyone who has information about criminal activity in Speedwell Place to please call 101, so that we can bring anyone who is committing crimes in this area to justice.

“Police forces and other agencies have a duty to respond to the whole community, however if individuals call excessively with unsubstantiated claims with no evidence to support them, we will have to consider action against them”.