Neighbouring councillors visit Milton Keynes to hear from Salden Chase protesters


Neighbouring councillors will visit the council chamber tonight to hear debates on plans to build 2,000 homes in Bletchley.

Protesters claim the Salden Chase development, which will be on the border of MK Council and Aylesbury Vale District Council, will put too much pressure on existing roads, schools and the health service - with future residents using MK services without the city receiving additional funding.

Councillor Ann Clancy, representing Bletchley Park, called for Aylesbury Vale District Council leader Neil Blake, and the cabinet member for strategic planning Carole Paternost to attend MK Council tonight to hear strong objections from the public.

Miss Clancy said: “I have been inundated with emails and calls about the development - residents hugely concerned about the lack of infrastructure to support the proposed development.

“I am really keen to ensure Aylesbury Vale know how concerned my community is and am looking forward to them listening to views this evening.”

The consultation for the proposal, which has been met with cross-party opposition, ended today.

AVDC leader Mr Blake said: “It’s quite apparent that there’s a growing need for new homes in Aylesbury Vale, but these need to be built in sustainable locations where the adverse impact on infrastructure, amenities and landscape can be kept to an absolute minimum.

“I don’t believe that this proposal satisfies that set of criteria.”