Neighbours rally to support inferno family

Elvis Parrot and family in front of their burnt out house in Beanhill
Elvis Parrot and family in front of their burnt out house in Beanhill

A FAMILY has said a heartfelt thanks for the support they have received after fire destroyed their Beanhill home.

Elvis Parrott, his wife and their four children were forced to watch their home go up in flames on Tuesday after the blaze tore through four terraced houses on Tandra.

Elvis had been out for the day with his family and as they sat in the Caldecotte Arms having dinner they got a call telling them their house was on fire.

Elvis said: “We rushed straight back but by the time we got past IKEA, which is about a mile away, we could see the smoke.

“When we got back we watched our whole lives burn to the ground. It was heartbreaking to have to watch everything that we had built up over the last 11 years as a family be destroyed.”

Since the fire Elvis and his family have been treated to a level of kindness and community spirit that he described as ‘beyond nice’.

The family has temporarily moved 100 yards up the road to Elvis’ mum’s house on Neapland but still people have come from all across the city with donations of clothes for the family, toys, books, and electrical items.

The response has blown Elvis away.

He said: “I would like to offer everyone my sincere thanks for all of their kindness and generosity.

“We have had so many people bringing us food parcels, clothes, gift vouchers and electrical goods.

“We had one of our neighbours give us £100 in cash and two children came and knocked on the door to give us £25 in Marks and Spencer vouchers.

“It really restores your faith in the community. I moved here two years ago and since then I have kept my head down and got on with it. But now I have realised by doing that I have missed out on two years worth of great friendships with some amazing people.”

The fire started on the night it was rumoured violence and disorder was coming to the city and it was initially feared the blaze could have been sparked by those involved with the trouble.

However, those rumours were quickly quashed by Bucks Fire and Rescue investigations, released the following day, which confirmed that the cause was not believed to be suspicious, concluding that the fire was started accidentally.

The fire started in a garage shortly before 6pm before spreading to another garage and two pairs of semi-detached bungalows.

Elvis’ home was the only one that was empty with the owners of the other three able to make it out safely.

“One man was later treated for the effects of breathing in smoke.

But Elvis had one final word of advice for homeowners who don’t have home or contents insurance on their properties.

He said: “Unfortunately we couldn’t afford to have it and it is something that I truly regret now.

“Our nine-year-old Brandon has special needs and has two loves in his life –his laptop and Lego.

“The laptop had special software on it that allowed him to do certain things and over the past four years, by getting pieces here and there, we had collected seven boxes of Lego for him.

“Because he didn’t fully understand what has happened he asked me to go back and see if there was any left.

“What I found was one big lump where all the pieces, along with the boxes, had been melted together. I was gutted for him.”