Neighbours react to EDC carnage: ‘It was an absolute shambles’

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Syringes scattered in gardens, daylight drug deals and litter lining the streets - that is what EDC brought to Bletchley, say neighbours.

Residents living nearby to The National Bowl were “let down” by organisers who failed to keep Electric Daisy Carnival goers in line, claims Councillor Maggie Geaney.

The newly elected councillor for Bletchley West was shouted at and threatened when she attempted to take pictures of the carnage around Favell Drive on Saturday.

“It was an absolute shambles and complete and utter chaos,” said Mrs Geaney.

“As I took pictures of the cars abandoned in the roads, one man shouted at me.

“He said if I didn’t stop taking pictures he would take my camera off me.”

A man was stabbed and another man was injured in the stomach during the dance music event.

A total of 11 people were arrested for drugs and violence offences, police said.

Mrs Geaney said she appreciates people were having fun, but felt frustrated marshalls were not patrolling the area, which she had been promised.

She added: “As far as I am concerned the organisers completely ignored the residents and nothing was done to stop people parking anywhere they liked.

“I feel very disappointed because the residents have been so badly let down.

“I should think they will want assurances before Foo Fighters arrive here in September.

“As a ward councillor, I will work with the council to make proper preparations to ensure this does not happen again.”