New award launched to honour 'gems in Milton Keynes communities'

Milton Keynes Council have launched a new award to mark its 50th birthday.

Monday, 16th January 2017, 5:08 pm
Updated Monday, 16th January 2017, 5:12 pm

The awardwill be aimed at acknowledging people who have made a positive and significant impact in communities across the city.

A panel will now be set up who will decide on the nomination process, the categories and the name of the awards.

Councillor Alex Walker, who announced the award last week, said: “It has become clear to me that Milton Keynes was not built by bricks and mortar but instead by the people who had a passion to build something new, something different, something special.

“I want to see the council recognising the people that have made MK what it is today.”

Cllr Edith Bald, leader of the Conservative Group added: “Every day I meet new people in Milton Keynes who amaze me with the passion and determination to make their community a better place.

“I want the city to give back to the people in a special way and I think this is one way we can achieve that. Alex came up with a great idea and i’m delighted it received cross party support.”

Iain Stewart MP for Milton Keynes South, added: “This would be a great addition to the 50th anniversary celebrations.

“I am lucky in my role to meet people every day who have gone that extra mile to make their community a better place. I would be delighted to support this leaders and many other outstanding.”