New baby ‘cost’ Milton Keynes couple 210 pounds

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A food-loving husband and wife have shed a mammoth 15 stone between them to fulfil their dream of becoming parents.

Children’s nanny Katie Marks was so upset during seven years of struggling to have a baby that she ate for comfort until her weight ballooned to more than 22 stone.

Hubby Roy joined her with the takeways, chocolate and family-sized bags of treats until he too started piling on the pounds.

Today 30-year-old Katie is 8 stone lighter and has gone from size 26 clothes to size 12.

Meanwhile Silverstone engineer Ray, having shed five stone, has come off all the medications he was once forced to take for Type 2 diabetes.

But the best news of all is that the pair now qualify for IVF treatment.

“We’d been refused before because our BMI scores were too heavy,” said Katie, who has had miscarriages and an ectopic pregnancy.

“I was determined to get down to the right weight to have IVF and it was the thought of our baby that spurred me on.”

She shed the pounds by joining Slimming World and is now so impressed with their diet that she is starting her own group.

The first session is on September 10 at Old Stratford Community Hall.

Meanwhile Katie and Roy are counting the days until their IVF begins early next year.

“This time next year I could be going along to run my Slimming World sessions with a baby bump. I can’t wait!” said Katie.