New card helps people to pay Council Tax bills

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Residents looking to manage their finances better ahead of Christmas are turning to new payment cards to help them pay their Council Tax.

The cards can be used at 150 shops and outlets in Milton Keynes which display the Paypoint and Payzone signs.

The majority of people in the city, around 70 per cent, still use direct debits to pay their Council Tax bills.

However, around 30 per cent – mainly those on lower incomes – have started using the card payment service as it offers a flexible approach, which can see people pair it with paying other bills, including the weekly shop.

People can pay in a host of locations including their local shop and post office, making it even easier for people to make their payments.

“It’s a great service and within walking distance,” said one resident who uses the payment card. “I don’t have any direct debits and I like to pay cash.”

Milton Keynes Council’s Revenues and Benefits Service Delivery Manager, Alistair Townsend, said: “We have collected nearly a million pounds using this method.

“And this year 5,260 customers opted to pay at a Paypoint outlet – up by 46 per cent compared to the same period, April to September, last year.”

Councillor Edith Bald, cabinet member responsible for finance, said: “We want to help residents whenever we can with managing their household bills but we do recognise that direct debit may not suit everyone.

“So as part of our ‘Making it Easier to Pay’ programme, Milton Keynes Council is offering many ways to pay and payment cards are just one.”