New club will encourage ‘sex tourism’

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The sex club controversy continues to rumble on this week with the city’s Labour group calling for a review of the council’s licensing policy.

The councillors’ move follows the decision to award a license to a sex club in Midsummer Boulevard in Central Milton Keynes.

Councillor Paul Williams has called for tough action to tackle prostitution in CMK and believes the new sex club will only make the situation worse.

He said: “The granting of a license for a new sex club is the final straw. Residents have had to put up with brothels blighting CMK for far too long.”

The Labour group claims the new club will make the situation far worse and encourage “sex tourism” into Milton Keynes.

Mr Williams said: “This should be a wake up call for both Milton Keynes Council and the police. It is time to get tough on prostitution in Central Milton Keynes and elsewhere in our city

“Putting aside how unpleasant it is for nearby residents, it is surely wrong that women are being exploited on a daily basis.

“These places need to be shut down and the women offered support to gain suitable employment.”