New Coachway is illegal rave venue

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THE prestigious Coachway development could be the subject of a private prosecution with neighbours claiming it has become a den of iniquity just three weeks after opening.

In the past few days alone the multi-million ‘gateway’ to the city has hosted an illegal rave and been used as an unofficial race track by an after dark ‘boy racer’ club.

Now furious residents are threatening to serve a noise abatement notice on Milton Keynes Council for failing in its duty of care to ensure them a quiet life.

They are also demanding CCTV cameras be fitted to catch the culprits.

The families, who live in Broughton’s Dean Forest Way, have already complained about the Coachway routes, which they claim pass so close to their £500,000 homes that passengers can see in through their windows.

One resident, Paul Baines, said: “This place is severely affecting our lives.

“We would certainly be prepared to club together and take the council privately to court if necessary.”

He and his neighbours were woken on Saturday night by loud bass music coming from the Coachway.

“There was a van parked with large speakers and numerous people with alcohol enjoying a rave.”

Police were called to disperse the ravers, but less than 24 hours later officers were called again – this time to deal with youths in souped-up cars.

Residents complained of a ‘carnival convoy’ of cars, all honking horns, coming from the Coachway.

They fear the place will become a regular cruise venue.

“We are furious that there has never been CCTV installed at the coachway to prevent such things happening,” said Mr Baines.

Ward councillor Sam Crooks told the Citizen: ”The problems at Coachway need to be nipped in the bud. The residents have a right to peace.”

The £2.6 million facility opened near Junction 14 on December 17, after a two year wait, and has been designed as a base for national coaches as well as the park and ride scheme to thecentre:mk.

Built by Milton Keynes Council, it was handed to the Home and Communities Agency to run.

The agencies said in a joint statement: “We are already actively looking at ways to implement CCTV, which has been delayed due to an agreement about the specification, design and location of the cameras.

“This is a new, ambitious and modern Coachway and Park & Ride complex and like any big project will have some teething problems.”

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