New community projects aims to create a healthier Milton Keynes


A new community project has been set up to help Milton Keynes get healthy and stay healthy.

Milton Keynes Leisure, is a charitable leisure trust which manages sports, fitness and leisure facilities. And this month, in partnership with Milton Keynes Council, it has launched a new programme which includes advice and health checks, as well as exercise to support people living in the town and surrounding areas get back to fitness.

The scheme follows a report published by Milton Keynes Council last year which estimated that physical inactivity costs Milton Keynes nearly £3million a year.

A number of sessions, with small groups, will take place throughout March at Tattenhoe Sports Pavilion in Holborn Crescent to provide the community with the knowledge, confidence and motivation to reach their personal fitness goal.

The hour-long sessions will include a 30-minute mix of basic health checks, including body fat measurements and BMI, postural analysis and nutrition advice followed by 30-minute exercise classes that incorporate advice from a qualified personal trainer.

The sessions will use a variety of fun exercises designed to wake up and prepare unused muscles for some exercise, including stretching and toning. The session will then move on to get the body limbered up, moving and burning some calories.

Every participant will be given free use of a fitness tracker, which will be used to help motivate the group during the week between sessions. It will be monitored to ensure that if someone is doing less exercise than they should, or burning less calories than expected, they can get professional advice and help.

There will also be advice on how to avoid falls and other injuries by improving balance and strengthening the ‘core’ muscles, plus tips on keeping active indoors and outdoors.

Aysen Sinclair, area manager for Milton Keynes Leisure, said: “The sessions have been designed for adults who have little knowledge of where to start in changing their lifestyle or have been inactive for some reason. Perhaps they have not been active since leaving school or have given up team games and don’t know how to get re-started.

“The sessions are ideal for those that might be intimidated by a big leisure centre or gym environment.”

The sessions are held each week on Tuesday from 6.30-7.30pm, on Thursday, March from 7.30-8.30pm, and on Friday, March 6 from 11.45am-12.45pm.

Each session costs £7.00 per session or £5.50 for those on the Milton Keynes Leisure Gold level Motivate4loyalty scheme. The first session is free.

For more information visit To book your place on the course contact Tattenhoe Sports Pavilion on 01908 749038 or email