New council corporate plan approved

Civic Offices
Civic Offices

A new corporate plan was approved by Milton Keynes Council this week highlighting the council’s ambitious vision for the community and how council services will benefit residents over the next few years.

The corporate plan was the result of extensive talks with interested parties and following an eight week public consultation that ended in October.

The plan sets out ambitious new objectives for Milton Keynes including achieving world class status for its design, new approaches and technologies and as a sporting city.

Leader of MKC Councillor Andrew Geary commented: “The challenges we face over the coming years under the current financial restraints means that having a corporate plan that is realistic and inspiring has never been more important.

“For a place with the ambitions of Milton Keynes we ought to be aiming high, and the recent Red Bull celebration showed that we can achieve a strong global reputation.

“We must raise our profile to attract new investment and jobs but we must also make sure our residents enjoy high quality services.”

This year the plan was subject to a major review to make sure that it reflects the financial challenges the council faces as well as reflecting better the local and national policy changes.

It has five key themes which help communicate all the work the council does on behalf of the residents of the borough.

The five themes are:

Cleaner, greener, safer, healthier MK: improve health and well-being, reduce health inequalities and work with partners to reduce crime and disorder to improve quality of life in MK.

Visiting MK: aim to make Milton Keynes a highly regarded visitor destination with a safe and effective transport system which is easily accessible regionally, nationally and internationally.

Working in MK: to improve the skills and opportunities of everyone in Milton Keynes and help jobseekers into work, while attracting and retaining businesses to provide new opportunities and to bring people, jobs and industries to MK to improve the strength and resilience of the local economy.

Living in MK: ensuring people are satisfied with Milton Keynes as a place to live, and to support them effectively through the provision of high quality and efficient public services.

World Class MK: our ambition is to increase the international and national standing of Milton Keynes in several areas including our economic success, thriving communities and a high quality environment.