New council plan to support voluntary sector

Civic Offices
Civic Offices

A new plan is being offered by Milton Keynes Council to support the voluntary sector in providing invaluable services to the residents of the borough.

The MK Compact is a framework that sets out how the council will work with the voluntary sector on a more secure footing than ever before by giving the ability to plan ahead with more certainty.

The MK Compact is designed to encourage the community and voluntary sector to bid to deliver commissioned services with an agreed payment over three and up to five years with clearly defined tasks to be carried out by the contracted service.

Milton Keynes Council is moving away from the uncertainty of offering yearly grants and is working with Milton Keynes Community Local Infrastructure Partnership (MKCLIP) to support the good work this sector does for residents.

The MK Compact develops a core set of shared values and principles that include:

A desire to see strong, diverse and independent Civil Society Organisations (CSOs),

Effective, open and transparent engagement between MKC and CSOs,

An expectation that partners will seek to achieve high quality and positive outcomes and,

That equality and fairness will underpin the actions of partners.

David Hill, MKC chief executive and Chair of MKCLIP that represents the voluntary organisations in MK, said: “Milton Keynes has a vigorous voluntary and community sector. Milton Keynes Council has always sought to work positively with such Civil Society Organisations.

Council leader Councillor Andrew Geary added: “It is my belief that through the Compact, Milton Keynes Council and Civil Society Organisations (CSO) can work in partnership to deliver first class services that are efficient and deliver value for money for the people of Milton Keynes.”