New drive to put Milton Keynes on the same tech footing as London and Cambridge


A new campaign to bring much-needed investment to technology companies in the Milton Keynes area is being driven forward by the Biztech business and technology forum.

Biztech’s chairman, Fredi Nonyelu, will be launching the new investment funding campaign at a breakfast gathering of the city’s business leaders on Wednesday, September 2.

“We want the Milton Keynes area to be spoken of in the same breath as London and Cambridge as a hub for new and fast-growing technology companies,” said Fredi in advance of his presentation at the City Breakfast Club.

“To create a virtuous circle of innovation and growth, to become a hub for technology companies, we need to create the links between the innovators and the people with investment funds. When we have those links in place, we will attract the top people and grow even faster, attracting even more investment.”

Fredi added that the political environment is right at the moment for the investment and growth links to be put in place. But he added: “Now is the time to leverage this positivity towards technology-based growth and to raise our game. As a city and the area around it, the time is right for us to seize the day and make a sustainable legacy for the future of technology-based growth.”

The City Breakfast Club is the oldest breakfast meeting group in Milton Keynes and normally meets at 7:45am on the first Wednesday in each month at stadium:mk. Its attendees include some of the biggest companies in the city.

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