New figures show big difference in life expectancy depending on where you live in MK

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People living in Coffee Hall are expected to die up to 11 years sooner than their fellow citizens two miles away in Middleton.

New figures released this week show residents’ life expectancy can vary hugely across the city.

A person living in Middleton ward is expected to live to the age of 86.3, while in Woughton ward the average age of death is just 75.4.

The statistics, revealed in the Milton Keynes Community Foundation VitalSignsMK report, show that despite the variances across the city, all areas except Linford North have seen life expectancy increase generally over the past three years.

People in Milton Keynes today can expect to live three years longer than they did 15 years ago.

Even the more materially deprived wards of Denbigh, Campbell Park, Bradwell, Woughton and Eaton Manor have experienced greater than average improvement.

Along with the area you live, the statistics released by the VitalSignsMK report also show your gender determines how long you live.

Women in the city are now expected to live until the age of 82.2, while the age is just 78.1 for men.

While the male life expectancy has dipped slightly and is 10 weeks lower than the national average, the expectancy for women has continued to rise, and is now equivalent to the national average.

With Milton Keynes being one of the fastest growing areas in the country, the increase will only further bloat the population, say experts.

More statistics revealed by VitalSignsMK show an alarming number of young people in the city are overweight.

The figures state 31 per cent of Year 6 students are either obese or overweight.

And some 22 per cent of Reception Year children fall into the same category.

The report also stated that Milton Keynes has one of the highest rates of alcohol related hospital admissions in the south east region and this has continued to rise year on year.