New funds available for Green Projects

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A new pot of money is available for environmental projects that benefit people across the city.

The Parks Trust Jubilee Fund has been set up by The Parks Trust and the MK Community Foundation to help community groups and voluntary organisations improve their local environment.

To create the fund The Parks Trust has matched £125,000 of government funding to create an endowment of £250,000 that will be invested to generate money to pay for local environmental projects.

Briony Serginson, Head of Community Engagement at The Parks Trust, said: “This is a great opportunity for local groups to make a real difference to their own community. Improving green spaces, educating people about plants and wildlife or helping people to enjoy the outdoors are all key areas that we hope to support through this scheme.”

The fund will generate interest of approximately £10,000 year on year that will be available for local charities and groups to apply to for environmental projects. All applications for funding will be received by the MK Community Foundation and carefully considered by the two organisations.

Julia Upton, Chief Executive Officer of the MK Community Foundation, said: “We’re delighted to be working in partnership with The Parks Trust to enable even more local people to be active in innovative and exciting environmental projects in their community. We worked hard to secure funds from the Government to match the donation we received from The Parks Trust, thereby creating a permanent flow of funds for great projects year on year.”