New hope for people left waiting for years to get a council house in Milton Keynes

A new system of 'choice-based' lettings is set to give new hope to people waiting for council houses.

Monday, 5th November 2018, 12:21 pm
Updated Monday, 5th November 2018, 1:26 pm

MK Council has launched a consultation on the changes, which would give priority to people who are overcrowded or have medical needs.

It would also introduce a household income limit and a three year residency requirement before anybody can apply for housing.

Until now there has been little hope for local familes getting council housing in MK. Many have been waiting for years.

Milton Keynes

Cabinet member Nigel Long said: “The aim is to introduce choice and to reduce homelessness as the main route into council houses. It will change the over emphasis on rehousing homeless families in favour of rehousing people before they are homeless.”

All available council properties will be advertised online and applicants, who will be placed in one of three housing need bands, will be able to bid for them..

OAP, specialist and sheltered housing will be excluded from the new scheme, which will be known as Choice Based Lettings. The council will also ensure the right of armed forces personal to housing, said Councillor Long,

He added: “I am proposing to introduce openness and choice into the future allocation of council housing and some housing association properties in order to meet local needs.

Nigel Long

“This has been a long term policy aspiration of Labour-led Milton Keynes Council. It is another step in creating a responsive, high performing council housing service.”

Some housing associations will be participating in the Choice Based Lettings. In the longer term all housing associations will be encouraged to join the scheme.