New hydrotherapy centre for pets to open in Milton Keynes

Crossroads Hydrotherapy
Crossroads Hydrotherapy

A new hydrotherapy centre for pets opens in Milton Keynes this weekend.

Crossroads Hydrotherapy Centre has a specially designed pool, providing non-weight bearing exercise for pets in heated water.

The pool has been custom built for small animals to swim in for physical exercise and mental stimulation, as well as rehabilitation.

With external and internal ramps to allow easy access to and from the pool, and underwater cameras, Crossroads hydrotherapists are able to monitor how each animal uses their limbs.

On Sunday (Feb 11) Crossroads Hydrotherapy is opening up its doors for an afternoon where pet owners can take a look at the impressive new facilities.

Hydrotherapists will be on hand to talk through how swimming can benefit dogs, cats and other small animals.

Trained hydrotherapist Steve Hole said: “We are so thrilled to be opening our new hydrotherapy centre and have worked so hard to get the environment just right.”

“We’ve paid careful attention to the detail; pets come in one entrance and leave through another so there’s no crossover disruption. They are showered before and after treatment and water quality is tested 3 times a day in accordance with the NARCH regulations to ensure the pool is clean and safe for everyone,” he added.

“The pool is for more than rehabilitation, it’s great for general fitness or weight loss, can help to disperse energy in enthusiastic dogs, introduce puppies to water and it is great fun for all pets to swim!”

Crossroads Hydrotherapy Centre is on Buckingham Road, Great Horwood. Sunday’s even will run from midday to 3pm.

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