New initiative to be recycled across the city in trial

standard web pics to use on the Milton Keynes Citizen website
standard web pics to use on the Milton Keynes Citizen website

SHOPPERS in ASDA’s Bletchley store will soon be asked to get involved with a new recycling initiative.

The scheme, which is being run in conjunction with Coca Cola Enterprises Ltd, will see people being given recycling boxes for their homes.

Customers will then be asked to share their thoughts on how that will change their recycling habits.

The boxes are made of recycled plastic bottles and will be offered to customers who buy three, two litre bottles of Coca-Cola product in the store.

Outside the store there will also be an educational and interactive recycling tunnel in the car park which will be looking to change people’s attitudes and bring alive the whole process to ASDA shoppers.

Recycling director at CCE, Patrick McGuirk, said: “Every bottle makes a difference. A single recycled plastic bottle saves enough energy to power a light bulb for six hours. We hope that our recycling boxes will help people to recycle more of their bottles and cans more of the time.

“We’ll be looking closely at how this initiative affects people’s recycling habits and using our findings to inform further recycling initiatives across the UK”