New invention is awaiting the rubber stamp

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A prophylactic-style piece of rubber could revolutionise the problem of excess landfill waste, according to one would-be city millionaire.

Tinashe Chipawe conceived the idea of a new viscous fluid dispenser system to replace the standard packaging used in the cosmetics industry.

He has already entered his reusable balloon-type prototype in the national Pitch to Rich competition run by Virgin Media Business.

“The goal is to let the public and personal care goods manufacturers know of this new idea and its potential,” he said.

Tinashe has also filed a 
patent for his invention, which is made of medical grade silicone rubber with an airless discharge pump system.

He says was prompted by one of his grandmother’s pet sayings.

“My grandmothers used to say ‘Waste not, want not’ and I believe one way to fight the issue of landfill waste is to encourage consumers to reuse their packaging.”

Rigid plastic packaging accounts for 40,000 tonnes of the UK’s landfill waste.