New Milton Keynes school will not be ready for pupils to start in September, council admits

A much needed new school will not be completed in time for pupils to start there in September, Milton Keynes Council has confessed.

Wednesday, 22nd June 2016, 11:10 am
Updated Wednesday, 22nd June 2016, 12:12 pm

The Brooklands Campus of Walton High secondary school is behind schedule because of a “setback” in the delivery of services including water, electricity and roads, a council officer has admitted.

In a letter to councillors yesterday Michael Bracey, who is the council’s Corporate Director of People, said contingency plans had been drawn up to keep disruption to a minimum for the pupils who will be affected..

He wrote: “Despite our best efforts, we are not going to be able to partially open the Brooklands Campus of Walton High in September as hoped.

“ This stems, in part, from a setback in the delivery of essential services in the Brooklands area such as gas, water, electricity and roads, which means the building has not been fully completed and opened safely for the start of term.”

Mr Bracey added: It was always ambitious to deliver both phases of the build together and have early access to a part of the site. The building project overall remains on track for handover at the half term.”

He said the children who were due to transfer to Walton High’s Brooklands campus in September will attend the Walnut Tree campus until the other site is ready.

Transport will be offered from Brooklands estate to Walton high for the families who need it.

The council commissioned 90 places at the new school, although the school has offered places to around 130 children,
Local Lib Dem councillor Sam Crooks said the Brooklands delay was “terrible news”.

He told the Citizen: “It is bound to impact the education of the 130 children affected.  It is another example of the Council’s failure to deliver on the eastern flank”.