New plans aired for city to have a televison channel

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Plans are afoot to set up the city’s own television channel in time for its 50th birthday, the Citizen can reveal.

The web TV channel would have 50 programmes, one for each year for Milton Keynes’ existence.

It is the brainchild of Tim Liggins, who managed the Milton Skreens community viewdata in the 1980s, and the project has a working title of MK50/50.

Tim is now throwing out a challenge to the community to produce their own programmes on whatever topic they wish.

“It’s so easy with web TV. People can literally produce a television programme from their own front room,” he said.

He is also aiming to set up a community TV drop-in centre where people can come in an tell their stories to camera about their time in Milton Keynes. The Point building at CMK, if it is still standing, would be ideal for this hub, he says.

“It could even be the catalytic hub to run the television station from. Hopefully it would be something that comes under the ‘heritage’ radar.”

Already Tim has put out a plea for ideas through the community website and has received responses from two young people interested in making programmes.

One plans to compare eating habits and restaurant facilities in the 1960s to those of today, while the other plans to tackle the changes in technology between those times.

‘Distance broadcasting’ services such as Skype means even people who have moved away from Milton Keynes need not miss out on making a contribution, said Tim.

“Most importantly, we want to involve the complete cross section of MK, encompassing all ages and ethnic groups,” he said.