New recycling game helps raise cash for MK charities

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Money ENGNNL00120120314142930

Recyclers in Milton Keynes will soon be able to help charities while helping the environment.

Milton Keynes Council is launching Recycle and Reward UK, where several local charities will receive cash if recycling from pink sacks, blue boxes and green bins goes up and non-recyclable black sack waste goes down.

From tomorrow, Milton Keynes residents will be able to log on to where they will be able to play a short game showing how they recycle different items of rubbish.

They can then select one of a number of local charities to receive a £1 donation.

It doesn’t matter if they’re unsure of where to put some items as the game will put them right and the chosen charity still gets £1.

If, during the following year, recycling goes up, the charity gets another £1.

If food and garden waste recycling using the green bin goes up, they get another £1.

If black sack waste goes down, they get another £1.

Only one entry per household in Milton Keynes is permitted.

The funding for the scheme has come from the Department for Communities and Local Government and a phone line for those who don’t have computers will be set up.

Mick Legg, councillor for the environment, said: “We are delighted to have been granted government funding to offer Recycle and Reward – an innovative incentive scheme which rewards local charities and helps educate residents on what goes where in our weekly waste collection service.

“We very much hope that residents will get involved and do their bit for the environment and make money for local charities, benefitting the whole community.”