New starters stuck in lift

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Following their success at Retail Merchant Services’ recruitment day held on Friday, seven new starters in the growing card processing Call Centre got the chance to take part in an unexpected team bonding exercise when their lift stopped between floors and ended up being released by Milton Keynes fire-fighters.

Following a ‘comfort break’ in their new employee induction the seven new starters all boarded the same lift and just moments later they were stuck between floors in an uncommon lift breakdown at the North Fourth Street card payments provider.

“It was certainly an interesting start to a new career”, said Ben Butler, a new recruit in the Call Centre, “I suffer from claustrophobia so I am not great in lifts at the best of times but being confined for an hour with six of my new colleagues, in fairly ‘intimate’ circumstances, isn’t what I had in mind today”, he said.

Paul Knight, Operations Manager and Health & Safety Officer for the business said, “I was beginning to get concerned when no one came back from the break … luckily it all ended well and it was definitely a good chance for the new team to bond and find out a little bit more about each other – it is certainly a first day they won’t be forgetting in a hurry”.

The lift was repaired and the team are all in good spirits.