New tome shows off town’s history

Memories of Bletchley Park
Memories of Bletchley Park

OUR little corner of the world is constantly evolving and local author and history enthusiast Marion Hill has once again captured the changing face of Milton Keynes in her latest book.

The soon to be published book is titled ‘Milton Keynes Then & Now’ and is an evocative pictorial record of Milton Keynes – affectionately dubbed ‘the new city’, although technically still a town, over the last 150 years.

Over the centuries, the town has weathered destructive floods and momentous invasions, while its citizens will have served centuries of travellers on stagecoaches, canals, railways and roads.

Local historian Marion Hill is passionate about the history of Milton Keynes, using her books to demonstrate how plenty has happened, lots has changed, yet the town retains its distinctive charm.

A Londoner by birth, she came to the new city in 1972 and has lived and worked in the area ever since.

Her 18 books include ‘Bletchley Park People’, ‘Memories of Milton Keynes’ and, most recently, ‘Bradwell Then and Now’.

Marion’s books illustrate how it is the people who have shaped Milton Keynes into the thriving new city it is today.

Many of the contributions in her previous books came from the oral archive kept at the Living Archive of Milton Keynes, which has been collecting reminiscences from city residents since 1975.

She continues to draw inspiration from the massive archive – now held largely online at

This new title from Marion delves into Milton Keynes’ rich history in a unique new way, comparing 45 rare archive photographs from around the town with the same scenes of today.

> Milton Keynes Then & Now by Marion Hill will be published by The History Press on December 1, priced at £12.99.