New Year job search in Milton Keynes


Professionals in Milton Keynes looking to start their search for a new job in January should start to prepare now, according to specialist recruitment company Hays.

With six in ten people planning to move jobs in the coming year a well written and up to date CV will give you the best chance of securing one of the growing number of jobs in the area.

70 per cent of employers plan to increase staff numbers over the coming year and 61 per cent of employees plan to move jobs in the next 12 months, with 38 per cent planning to move in the next six months.

Darren Montagu, Regional Managing Director at Hays said: “The New Year is a great time to look for new opportunities and with 70% of employers planning to increase their staff numbers next year, there is no time like the present to update your CV and introduce yourself to expert recruiters and potential employers.

“Your CV is your tool to sell yourself to a potential employer and first impressions count. If you are adding a covering letter this information this should be tailored to the specific job opportunity.

“Remember to include information that is relevant to your career and employment history and think about your key achievements and emphasise these on your CV to stand out.

“When adding information about your employment history, include examples of your key responsibilities or projects. “If you have any employment gaps on your CV, give explanations for these as employers will want to have a clear outline of your history.

“Once your CV is up to date, don’t forget to consider your professional social media profile and ensure this aligns with your CV too.”

Top 5 tips for a winning CV:

· Keep your format clear and concise

· Add examples and evidence to show off your key skills

· Explain any gaps in your CV that employers may be wary of

· Remember to proof read for mistakes and spell check

· Check your online profile aligns with your CV

For further advice on your New Year job search contact Hays in Milton Keynes on 01908 870 254