New Year’s Honour for Ashton West, Chief Executive of MIB


An insurance company chief executive has been awarded an OBE in the New Year‟s Honours 2015 for services to Road Safety.

Since joining Motor Insurers‟ Bureau (MIB) in April 2003, Ashton West has worked tirelessly with the insurance industry, Government departments and enforcement agencies to establish robust systems for tackling the issue of uninsured driving in the UK.

Ashton West OBE

Ashton West OBE

In reaction to the OBE award, Ashton said: “I have always enjoyed being part of a team, so this is a shared success.

“The strength of MIB lies in the quality and commitment of our people and I am incredibly proud to work with such a professional and enthusiastic team.”

The number of those who flout the law at the expense of honest premium paying motorists has fallen year on year and is now estimated to be about £1million; a 50% reduction since 2005.

The number of claims arising from accidents caused by uninsured and „hit and run‟ drivers is falling and so too is the overall cost; from a high of £417m in 2008 to £247m in 2014.

A key factor in this success has been the investment in building the Motor Insurance Database (MID) which has delivered a significant return for the insurance industry.

Since MIB started working with the police in 2005, over 1.2 million vehicles have been seized and the number of claims being reported to MIB has almost halved.

Steve Maddock, Managing Director of Claims and Business Services at Direct Line Group (DLG) and Chairman of MIB said, “I am delighted for Ashton and this is a well-deserved award.

He is a dedicated individual who leads his team at the MIB with passion and enthusiasm. The Bureau has existed since 1946 and continues to perform a valuable function for society ensuring that victims of uninsured driving are assisted appropriately.

Most significantly it is using advances in technology and working with enforcement agencies to remove those drivers who flout the law from our roads. Under Ashton‟s guidance, the MIB has transformed itself and while it may not be visible to everyone, its impact is far reaching.”

In 2011, MIB worked in partnership with DVLA to introduce Continuous Insurance Enforcement (CIE) which systematically matches records of vehicle keepers with the insurance record on the Motor Insurance Database (MID). CIE plays an influential part in reducing uninsured driving in the UK and more than 2 millionvehicle owners have been reminded of their legal obligations to insure their vehicles.

Since 2009, MIB has been continually working to increase public awareness around the issue of uninsured driving. The Stay Insured campaign in 2009/10 and the advertising campaign to introduce the change in law for vehicle keepers in 2011 raised the profile of the issue.

Social media is now used to keep the public informed and make good choices to drive insured.