New York Marathon challenge for Milton Keynes’ Joan

mpmc ny marathon
mpmc ny marathon

The Big Apple is calling for a Milton Keynes woman who has a 26-mile challenge ahead of her in aid of the NSPCC.

Joan Foster, 34, who works as an associate director for Baker Tilly, will take on the New York Marathon on November 2 after making it her new year’s resolution 18 months ago.

She said: “As well as fulfilling a personal goal in completing a marathon, I also wanted to do something that made a difference to others. I have been fortunate so far in life that I have not personally needed to rely on a charity for help and support, so when choosing a charity to raise money for I selected the NSPCC.

“I remember my childhood as a happy and carefree time, but there are many others that have a completely different experience. The NSPCC does amazing work in the local community with those children who are vulnerable, those who have been abused, neglected and disadvantaged.

“The NSPCC have a number of campaigns where they educate children as to what behaviour towards them is right and wrong, and where they can turn to if they are scared, worried and need someone to talk to. The NSPCC let children know that there is someone that cares and aim to help every child they work with have the joyful upbringing that they deserve.”

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