Newlyweds’ bliss living on old bus

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A couple who spent years living on a double decker bus say their wacky home was just the ticket for a successful marriage.

John and Audrey Prince celebrate their 65th wedding anniversary this month with a host of happy memories on board.

But their happiest was when they were newlyweds and, unable to afford a home, took up residence in an old double decker bus they named The Joys.

They took out seats to making living space, installed an Elsan toilet and even lined the walls with the horsehair seat filling for insulation.

Their daughter Carol, who lived on the bus until she was five, said: “They worked together on dad’s weekends off. When they had finished they had two bedrooms, a toilet, lounge and kitchen.

“I remember it being cosy and good fun but when the wind blew I could feel the bus rocking!”

John, an electrician, travelled the country getting work. He and Audrey had two more children on board before they saved a deposit for a house,

The Bradwell couple will celebrate their anniversary with their children, seven grandchildren and six great grandchildren.