NHS to offer insulin passports

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Patients within Milton Keynes who are treated with insulin for their diabetes are to be offered a new insulin passport and patient information leaflet to help them to take a more active role in their treatment and make sure they are given the correct insulin.

Following the National Patient Safety Agency (NPSA) Insulin alert last year, all adults aged 18 or over using insulin should be offered an insulin passport and patient information leaflet which outlines some potential safety issues relating to insulin.

Patients should carry their insulin passport with them at all times, to show health care professionals including pharmacists which insulin and device they are using.

Milton Keynes has decided to use the insulin manufacturers’ plastic coloured cards which have a picture of the insulin/device/viral on them for easier identification.

The insulin passports will be issued by the local GP or practice nurse who prescribes insulin and will be handed to the patient at their next review at the surgery.

The patient information leaflet “The safe use of insulin and you” has been developed by Leicestershire Diabetes Team, in collaboration with the NPSA and will be used in Milton Keynes. This leaflet should be handed out at the same time as the insulin passport.

If the prescription for insulin is changed in hospital, the insulin passport will be given to the patient before discharge.

Julie Petzing, Lead Diabetes Specialist Nurse, MK Diabetes Care, said; “ The new insulin passport and leaflet should help to make insulin treatment safer for patients. It is important that if the prescription for insulin changes to a different type, patients should receive a new insulin passport and they should destroy their old one.”

Patients are advised to speak to their GP or Diabetes Practice Nurse for further information.