Nine arrested in dawn raids

NINE people suspected of being involved in disturbances in Bletchley were arrested in a dawn raid yesterday.

The Citizen joined more than 30 officers involved in Operation Remus which sent out a clear message that police intend to punish those who brought a ‘mob mentality’ to the city on August 9.

Nine teams swooped on areas across Milton Keynes, including Fishermead, Neath Hill and Stony Stratford.

Acting Det Insp Kelly Glister said: “A lot of the people involved are young and have brought this mob mentality and it is unacceptable.

“It is quite shocking that all persons identified for committing damage, thefts, robberies and violence are local people; they should be ashamed for the unrest they have caused within their own community and we will do everything we can to reassure the public and bring these people to justice.”

Operation Remus has already seen seven people charged with offences, with one more on police bail and a 16-year-old teenager already jailed.

However, police have revealed they are not resting on their laurels and will do whatever it takes to make sure all those involved are brought to justice.

Det Insp Glister said: “It’s not gone away and it’s not going to go away. As long as I have this team together we will be pushing forward. Our first burst of arrests happened quite soon after the event and we were getting intelligence in all the time about other people that might be responsible.

“But we wanted people to be tried together in the courts to give the greatest impact and greatest chance of prosecutions.

“If those involved are feeling any element of guilt and want to bring themselves forward to the police station someone will deal with you quickly and expeditiously.”

On August 9, more than 30 people were involved in disorder which saw them smash shop windows, hurl missiles at police and in one instance rob a Bletchley restaurant.

Despite the large number of arrests and charges police are continuing their investigations and are re-publishing CCTV images of other people that they would like to speak to.

> To see CCTV images and a video of yesterday’s raid in Neath Hill see our website