Nivea roadshow to get people closer

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According to recent research by NIVEA, people in the city have never felt closer to each other.

In fact, nearly 70 per cent of people in the South East of England agree that greeting their loved ones, family and friends with a kiss on the cheek is the norm these days, compared to less than half of those asked in Scotland. Professor Geoff Beattie, who researched 21st century closeness, explains that a cheek-kiss “basically gives out the message that you are cool, modern and cosmopolitan, and have moved on from the old, stuffy habits of the past. And it’s not surprising that we see this more and more in cosmopolitan parts of the UK.’

In a bid to prove that the UK really is a nation of closeness, Nivea are travelling across the country to capture people in moments of closeness. The road show arrives at Middleton Hall at the Centre this Friday to Sunday at 9am to 5pm. So get down there and get into one of the three large Moments of Closeness photo booths and take a photo showing a loved one how much you care. All the photos will be instantly uploaded onto the Million Moments of Closeness Facebook page and by entering the shot of the day competition online you’ll have chance to win a prize worth £100.

Check out all the photos from the road show, uploaded daily, at – and get involved in the online debate. Do you think people in the South East are the closest in the UK?