No appeal against Beth Warren’s High Court victory

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Beth Warren’s victory in the High Court will stand after the HFEA announced it would not be appealing against the decision.

Mrs Warren, from Newport Pagnell, had successfully challenged a storage time limit imposed by the UK fertility regulator which meant she had little over a year left to conceive using her husband’s sperm.

However, despite being granted permission to appeal the decision, the HFEA - Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority - has opted not to follow it up after ‘considering not just the legal issues, but also the moral ones.’

Sally Cheshire, interim chairman of the HFEA, said: “We know that the extra few days of uncertainty have been stressful for Mrs Warren, but we have tried to minimise that stress by making a decision as quickly as possible.

“Seeking leave to appeal may have appeared unsympathetic to Mrs Warren’s very regrettable situation, but we owed it to future patients to think carefully about the implications of a complex legal judgment.

“We didn’t want Mrs Warren’s deserving and highly unusual case to pave the way for other cases where the wishes of the deceased patient are much less clear. Fortunately, we think we can guard against any such cases without having to appeal.”