No clean bill of health on ward

Milton Keynes Hospital Small Pic''Wk 42 October 2008 PB
Milton Keynes Hospital Small Pic''Wk 42 October 2008 PB

SOME staff at Milton Keynes Hospital are still lagging behind in infection control, a report has revealed this week.

And the discovery has resulted in another rap on the knuckles from the national Care Quality Commission .

The CQC inspectors visited ironically to lift the final conditions imposed on the maternity department following a series of problems.

Though maternity passed with flying colours, spot checks on other wards left distinct room for improvement, they decided.

Visits were made to two female wards, 16 and 20, as well as orthopaedic surgical ward 21 and the children’s ward.

The inspectors also checked the postnatal ward and the imaging department.

Their biggest concern was cleanliness and infection control on ward 20.

The CQC report states: ‘Patients and visitors were placed at risk because just under half the staff had not attended infection prevention and control training.’

It adds: ‘On ward 20, staff did not follow infection prevention and control procedures, including the removal of wrist watches and rolling up sleeves.’

Also on ward 20, which takes female cardiac and respiratory cases, the inspectors found patients were not given enough information to help them understand the care and treatment options available to them.

The CQC has now ordered the hospital to improve these points, and the trust has already produced an action plan to comply.

Meanwhile the inspectors will continue to make unannounced spot checks.

CQC regional director Roxy Boyce said: “It is clear Milton Keynes Hospital NHS Foundation Trust has made considerable progress to address the issues that we had raised in the past with maternity services.

“However we were disappointed that the trust was not meeting all essential standards of quality and safety. “These are the standards of care anyone should be able to expect in any hospital.”

Ms Boyce added: “We will return to the trust in the near future.”