‘No confidence’ in Paul Bartlett

Councillor Paul Bartlett'Stony Stratford Town Council
Councillor Paul Bartlett'Stony Stratford Town Council

THE Councillor who proposed a controversial smoking ban in Stony Stratford has had the tables turned on him after another of his motions fell flat.

At a meeting of Stony Stratford Town Council on Tuesday night, Councillor Paul Bartlett proposed a vote of no confidence in council chairman Richard Gifford.

However, nine of the 10 councillors voted against Mr Bartlett’s motion – the only who voted for the motion was Mr Bartlett himself.

But in a surprising twist, Councillor Richard Skellington proposed a vote of no confidence in Mr Bartlett.

The motion read: “This council has no confidence in Councillor Paul Bartlett and in his upholding of the role of Councillor with specific reference to Articles 3 and 5 of the Council’s Code of Conduct and to his behaviour in recent weeks which has placed unreasonable demands on the council’s staff, and caused undue stress to council members.”

The motion was carried with only Mr Bartlett voting against.

Despite the blow, Mr Bartlett is continuing his fight to get smoking banned in Stony Stratford.

In an email to the Citizen, he wrote: “I meet many people who are suffering from heart disease, cancer, kidney failure, face wrinkles, yellow fingers, sick lungs, ulcers and hardened arteries and know they are going to die or live a very painful and unfulfilled life.

“None say they are happy with being a smoker or being in an environment of smokers.

“Other victims include those who have had their clothes burnt, hair singed or had loved ones die in fires such as Bradford and King’s Cross or, like my best man, accidently set himself alight and died.

“Many ‘victims’ do not want their predicament to be made public but it is their stories that might be enough to deter others.”