‘No-one planned to make Milton Keynes a city of roundabouts’

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One of the original designers of Milton Keynes’ road system says that the city has been overdue a review of its highways for the last 20 years.

John Wardley, who still lives in Woburn Sands, says the original city masterplan had roads designed for cars to travel at 50mph, while the roundabouts were expected to be eventually replaced with traffic lights.

He believes that city bosses now need to look afresh at the original masterplan.

Mr Wardley, who joined the Milton Keynes Development Corporation as a senior engineer in 1969, said: “From the very beginning nobody said cars would be going at more than 40 or 50mph on most roads in the city.

“There are areas where it may sometimes be safe to drive at 70mph, but for people joining from side roads, or for people who try to cross the roads rather than use the underpasses, it is a problem.

“When we talk about making roads safer we aren’t only talking about cutting the number of deaths but serious injuries.

“It may have been appropriate to drive these roads at 70mph 40 years ago when there was less traffic, but it isn’t today.”

Mr Wardley added: “There should have been a re-think in the 1990s. There were areas in the city being developed then where previously there had hardly been any houses - and the city continues to grow.

“The more we build in 
Milton Keynes the more 
pressing it is that need for a review of our roads.”

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