‘No plans’ for homeless homes at Westcroft site

Councillor Edith Bald is raising the site's future at a meeting this week
Councillor Edith Bald is raising the site's future at a meeting this week

Plans to be build modular homes for homeless people at a Westcroft site have been ruled out completely.

The Citizen revealed back in June that four city sites had been identified to build the cheap homes to accommodate homeless people.

One of those sites was a piece of land called Site 3 in Westcroft, and the announcement angered local residents who felt the plans went against a design brief for the area.

Councillor Edith Bald, councillor for Tattenhoe ward, is raising the site’s future at tomorrow’s cabinet meeting (September 12).

She said: “Residents aren’t opposed to housing for that site - it was agreed in the development brief for it to be housing and a dementia home.

“But what they are cross about is a sudden announcement that it will be modular housing.

“Modular housing will stick out like a sore thumb, it would look dreadful.”

But now Councillor Nigel Long, cabinet member for housing at Milton Keynes Council, has ruled out the site.

He said: “I will be really clear. We have got no plans to develop the Westcroft site for modular housing.

“We were looking at a number of sites, and it was put forward as a possible site, so the Citizen’s original article is correct.

“But there are no plans now whatsoever for that site.

“What this is actually about is that Edith Bald is struggling to hold onto her seat ahead of the elections, and she’s playing politics.”

But Cllr Bald is also seeking assurances at the council meeting that the original development brief is still ‘relevant’ for the Westcroft site.