No Saints say ‘no way!’ to former Oceana site

Oceana night club
Oceana night club

THERE is currently no tenant to move into the former Oceana nightclub.

No Saints had agreed in principle to move into the space but have since taken Xscape back to the negotiating table after visiting the site after Oceana moved out last week.

No Saints, who also owned the Greene Room in the Theatre District, had planned to take over in the existing space with their WonderWorld club in May.

But after CEO Stephen Thomas – who helped set up Oceana in 2002 – visited the site this week, he said that any possible deal he had agreed to needed to be renegotiated with the way the club had been left.

“We have not got a lease at the moment.” he said. “We could have been open in the next few weeks, but the place is in no fit shape for anyone to move into.”