No time for pair to have killed Rachel defence

BARRI White did not kill Rachel Manning and dump her body because he simply did not have time, said his defending solicitor this week.

BARRI White did not kill Rachel Manning and dump her body because he simply did not have time, said his

defending solicitor this week.

Summing up, Niall Quinn said the prosecution's principal evidence was "shaky and unreliable".

In an unusual step he named three other potential suspects in the area the night Rachel was killed.

One, a convicted killer living on Oldbrook, worked at Woburn Golf Club.

Another with a robbery conviction lived rough in a tent on Oldbrook and was seen that night taking an interest in women at phone boxes.

A third was arrested a month after Rachel's death for attacking three girls and is now serving life.

Mr Quinn said White and Hyatt had just 35 minutes to kill Rachel, take her body to Woburn golf course and return to Hyatt's home on Fishermead.

"They would have had to move like greased lightning... it is not murder

impossible but it is murder very improbable by these two men," he said.

He told the jury forensic experts found grey and red paint chips in Hyatt's van. On Rachel's skirt they found turquoise chips but police had been unable to

account for them.

"Somewhere out there was, and maybe still is, a van which had turquoise blue fragments in the back and it was that van which was used to take Rachel's body," he said.

He said there was a "total absence" of forensic evidence linking White and Hyatt to the murder.

"There are no fingerprints, no footprints, no fibres to speak of, no hairs, no blood, no mud, no DNA.

"It tends to show these are the wrong men in the dock," he said.

l Keith Hyatt had no motive for killing Rachel Manning or disposing of her body, his defending barrister Peter Feinberg, QC, told the jury.

Summing up after four weeks of evidence, Mr Feinberg dismissed the prosecution's assertion that homosexual Hyatt had become involved in Rachel's death

because of his 'lust' for Barri White, as a 'pantomime'.

He said: "What possible motive does Keith Hyatt have either to have killed Rachel Manning or to have assisted in dumping her dead body?

"The prosecution has failed miserably to provide any sensible motive whatsoever, apart from this pantomime, this charade of Keith Hyatt lusting after Barri White."

He said prosecutor Julian Baughan, QC, had 'distorted reality' and twisted the facts to fit the police's case, adding the prosecution evidence was 'like banging square pegs into a round hole'.

Mr Feinberg said their case was largely ambiguous circumstantial evidence.

No forensic evidence to connect Hyatt and White with Rachel's body or the scene of her dumping was found, he said.

Dog hairs from Hyatt's van were not found on Rachel's skirt and tiny fragments of turquoise paint on her clothing had no connection with Hyatt's van, Mr Feinberg added.

Witness sightings of a white van in the early hours of Sunday morning and near the golf club could easily have been

another van, he suggested.

He concluded: "An innocent life has been lost. Rachel's family mourns for her.

"I ask you to ensure another innocent life isn't taken because that's what would happen if Keith Hyatt was convicted."