No wage hikes for highly paid

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LOW end earners at the council should be getting pay increases – not those at the top of the wage bill.

That is the opinion of Councillor Chris Williams. He wants council bosses to approve a £250 pay rise to workers on less than £21,000 per year to cover the penned increases to gas and electricity bills.

He also said those at the other end of the scale, the council’s higher wage earners, should not be given a rise as they already have the means to support themselves.

Mr Williams, Lib Dem councillor for Furzton, voiced his thoughts at the council’s Joint Negotiating Committee on Monday morning.

His comments come less than a week after thousands of people up and down the country went on strike following disagreements over pay and pensions.

And he cited the increasing cost of living in this country as a reason for his proposal.

Mr Williams said: “Inflation, increased gas and electricity costs and rising food prices have eaten into the take home pay of staff, particularly those on lower incomes.

“It is time to give a £250 per year increase to everyone who gets £21,000 or less – but no more public money should be given to those at the ‘top of the tree’ who are already on large salaries.

“The Liberal Democrats call upon Milton Keynes Council to reward the lower paid with an immediate pay rise.”

The Conservative group said that they couldn’t discuss the proposal at the meeting on Monday, but agreed that it would be heard at a later council meeting, likely now to be early in the new year.