No work and no play in city parks

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COUNCILLORS have called the play areas in Loughton a disgrace due to a number of issues with equipment.

Some, like the play area on the south side of the Loughton sports ground, have lost all of their equipment with many others in a state of disrepair.

Councillors added that in some of the parks the equipment is over 30 years old, the surfaces are out of date and need investment and renewal.

Parish councillor and parent Peter Todd said: “Good quality, safe children’s play areas are important for families. In Loughton some of them are a disgrace.

“We need to recognise that the play areas have been badly neglected and work is now urgently required.”

“MK has about 500 play areas which is a relatively high number for our population.

“Play areas have been created as MK has been developed but without an adequate endowment to cover maintenance and renewal.

“This means many areas have fallen into disrepair. In this age of austerity, funds are limited, so we plan to consult people on our strategy, which involves taking out two small play areas of very low play value, saving expense, and concentrating resources on two key sites where we can invest and bring the standard of the play area up to a proper standard – making an area which children find exciting and stimulating to play in.”