Noise abatement is issued against MK11

Kiln Farm Club
Kiln Farm Club
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Music fans have rallied in support of live music venue MK11 which has been issued with a noise abatement order.

The venue, also known as Kiln Farm Club, is located on an industrial estate, but is in close proximity to the Ramgarhia Sabha Sikh temple, with a priest in residence.

A petition set up backing the venue quickly gathered pace when it went live this week and less than 24 hours after launching more than 2,000 people had signed their support for the club.

“All we want is for the abatement to be lifted for a short time to give us the opportunity to put on shows and raise enough money to be able to soundproof the venue,” manager Simon O’Brien told the Citizen.

“As it stands we have one week of funds left before we have a real problem and might have to go bankrupt.”

“We don’t make a lot of money here, and allow the venue to be used as a community place too.

“We see the club as a community asset. We have already started work to help minimise the sound but simply need more time.”

But the temple states in a letter to Milton Keynes Council, the late night disruptions are a constant problem: “The priest has to get up very early in the morning to attend to various duties and it is important that he gets a decent night’s sleep,” said Mohinder S Munde, vice president of the temple.

“The noise tends to keep him up and has complained numerous times that this stops him from doing his duties,” he added.

The club employs a core staff of 10, but with part time staff the tally goes up to 40.

“If we have to close I will be devastated...and if we close, the squash club adjoining us has to close too as we subsidise their rent, Simon said.

“We are open to communication and want to work with the necessary parties to solve these problems,” he added.