Noise nuisance is not tolerated

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AROUND 3,000 people lodged complaints about noisy neighbours last year.

And in the past week the council’s environmental protection team has carried out three seizures of amplified music equipment in Caldecotte, Greenleys and Wolverton after owners were served Noise Abatement Notices.

The people responsible will also have to appear before the Magistrates Court.

Now council officials have warned others that they will not be tolerated and those who continue to challenge the law will be punished.

The council stated 135 Noise Abatement Notices were served on people in a bid to deal with persistent anti-social noise nuisance.

The most common complaint made by neighbours is excessive noise coming from stereos, parties, misfiring alarms and barking dogs.

Environmental protection team leader, Dr Steve Moorhouse, said: “Nobody likes having problems with their neighbours. It causes upset and stress in the very place where you should be at your most relaxed.

“Noise pollution is a very serious problem. It disturbs people’s sleep, raising stress levels, increasing blood pressure and possibly causing cardiovascular disease. This is why we should all strive to be considerate to our neighbours.”

If you are being subjected to a neighbour’s anti social behaviour call Milton Keynes Council Environmental Health during office hours on 01908 252398 or out of office hours on 01908 226699.

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