Nurse falsified baby’s medical records

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A NURSE at Milton Keynes Hospital has been reprimanded after she falsified a baby’s medical records.

Kirsty Smith, of Northampton, was found guilty of changing the frequency of an intravenous drug from once daily to three times daily; giving out drugs to a patient to take home without checks by another member of staff and while already suspended from drug administration; and falsifying records of an observation for a baby boy in early 2012.

The alarm was first raised by the baby’s mother after she was given a report into the observation of her son while in Smith’s care.

In her defence, Smith claimed that she hadn’t had the proper training and supervision and made an incorrect observation.

In handing down a conditions of practice order that will hold sway for 18 months, the Nursing and Midwifery Council panel, meeting in London, said: “There is a real risk of significant harm to patients if you continue to practice unrestricted.The panel noted that the first allegation relating to modifying a baby’s medication chart was potentially dangerous, and have concerns there is a risk that the alleged errors and dishonesty could be repeated.”