Nurse turns to crowdfunding for kids’ shoes

Christy Amalu with the children in Nigeria
Christy Amalu with the children in Nigeria

An NHS nurse has turned to crowdfunding to raise funds for shoes and bags for schoolchildren in rural Nigeria.

Christy Amalu, of Newton Leys, wants to raise £1,500, to buy shoes, bags and other accessories for 30 or more pupils at her old primary school in Ehime Mbano.

Christy Amalu

Christy Amalu

Christy, who works for Oxfordshire NHS Trust, said: “I visited my old school in July last year and was moved to tears as I saw children going to school on bare feet in very adverse conditions.

“They have no schoolbags and walk miles to school with their books in their hands, even as it was raining.

“I am touched because I am passionate about women’s health and, having mentored some women over the years, I realised that women’s profound need is having their children’s needs met.

“As we are going into school session in January, some of them have started panicking. This will invariably cause them ill health, seeing their children suffer.

“I knew I had to do something to help them and crowdfunding seemed like a feasible idea to raise the funds needed to purchase bags and shoes for these children.”

Of the £1,500 target, the idea is to use £750 to purchase 30 pairs of durable shoes, £285 on schoolbags and £150 for raincoats. The rest of the funds will be used towards shipping the items.

But so far only 10 per cent of the target has been raised.

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