Nurses questioned in inquest into Campbell Centre patient death

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A NURSE questioned during the inquest of a woman who died at the Campbell Centre said a ‘clinical judgement’ was made to allow her to continue sleeping.

Helen Wills was found dead in a seclusion room later the same morning (May 22).

Mike Fisher, who was not working at the time of Miss Wills’ death, was questioned on whether nursing staff failed to relay messages to the medical staff between 1.54am and the time of her death.

He was also asked if it was the duty of the nurses to tell the doctor if they couldn’t take a recording of her condition as scheduled, to which he replied it was.

The decision was made not to carry out this recording as Miss Wills was sleeping at the time.

However, Mr Fisher, who carried out an investigation after the death, said that all of the staff would have understood the importance of their requirement to carry out and note observations and that experience and knowledge would have come into play when deciding whether or not to wake her to make observations on her condition.

Mr Fisher was then asked why Miss Will’s behaviour prior to her being taken to a seclusion room had not raised the alarm of the risk of sudden acute death syndrome. He replied that she had been allowed to sleep as a ‘clinical judgement’.

Nurse Stacey Dylan-Daniels, who has worked at the Campbell Centre for ten years, started her shift at 9pm on May 21 and took the handover of the ward, where she was told that Miss Wills had been very distressed.

During one check on Miss Wills, after she had been moved to the seclusion room, she reported that there was ‘no concern’ about her breathing that would have caused them to move her onto her side.

At the time that Miss Wills stopped breathing Miss Dylan-Daniels was working in the office. She called the ambulance and then waited at the back entrance for them to arrive. She then made a call to the on-call doctor.

The inquest was adjourned until Tuesday at the Milton Keynes Civic Offices.

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