Nursing home staff earn national award

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Staff from PJ Care’s Mallard House Nursing Home are celebrating after receiving a national award recognising their Gold Standard end of life care.

Mallard House, which incorporates Brunel and Oakley Units, received Beacon status as part of the Gold Standards Framework (GSF) in Care Homes Quality Hallmark Awards. Bluebirds Nursing Home, also owned by PJ Care already has this prestigious award.

GSF helps homes like Mallard House increase the number of residents approaching the end of their lives receive the care they want where they want it, protecting them from inappropriate hospital admissions and increasing their chances of dying in their preferred place of care – the care home.

Paul Moran, PJ Care’s Chief Executive said: “We are delighted to have been honoured with this prestigious award for all our homes. We have always prided ourselves on the excellent care we have provided our residents. GSF has helped us formalise this, ensuring that residents enjoy their lives, receiving high quality care they want in their chosen place right up to the end.”

Those care homes that have received the GSF Quality Hallmark Award have demonstrated a real improvement in the quality of care they provide and halving of hospital deaths and crisis admissions, leading to greater satisfaction for families, residents and staff and significant cost savings for the NHS.

Professor Keri Thomas, GSF National Clinical Lead said: “GSF has become recognised as the kite marked model of best practice for end of life care in care homes. We have delivered training in this quality assurance process to more than 2,000 homes across the UK and are accrediting up to 200 homes a year. This helps individuals and their families to identify homes delivering high quality care, a ‘gold standard’ of care for all their residents as they come to the last stage of their life.”