OAP driver seriously injured police motorcyclist

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An 83-year-old retired chauffeur has made a public apology after knocking a policeman off his motorcycle and causing horrific injuries.

Harold Grant was driving his luxury Mercedes into a service station when he failed to spot Sergeant Christopher Puddy driving his police motorbike.

Mr Puddy tried to swerve but his body hit the Mercedes’ bumper, St Albans Crown Court heard on Tuesday.

The officer was airlifted to a London hospital where he was treated for bleeding to the brain, broken bones in his leg and arm, broken ribs and pelvis and a dislocated shoulder.

His injuries were so severe that he spent five days in intensive care, said prosecutor Alex Balancy.

The court heard Mr Grant, who lives in Walnut Tree, ran a chauffeur business before he retired.

He had been driving for 55 years and had only three points on his licence, said his defence solicitor Matthew Kernish-Jones.

The solicitor told the court his client wanted to make a public apology to the injured sergeant.

Mr Grant pleaded not guilty to dangerous driving but admitted careless driving.

His plea was accepted by the prosecution. He was fined £750 and given six points on his licence.

Judge Stephen Gullick said he wanted the facts of the case drawn to the attention of the DVLA in Swansea.

The accident happened in September last year on the A5 at Flamstead.

Mr Grant’s defence was that he had not seen the motorcycle.

A father of five, with 13 grandchildren and several great grandchildren, he now faces a civil action claim through his insurance company.

It is not known whether Mr Grant is still driving.