Off road innovation to win in 2012

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Through innovative design of off road wheelchairs and handcycles, MK Based Molten Rock are set to have their best year in 2012, bucking the economic downturn. The variety and capability of outdoor mobility equipment available to wheelchair users has changed dramatically over the last ten years, as has the interest from users in participating in outdoor activities.

The Boma7 off-road chair from Molten Rock allows almost anyone, regardless of ability, to participate in hiking, cycling or simply enjoying time outdoors with family and friends.

Chris Swift, founder of Molten Rock, said: “The secret is offering the right product at the right time in our case we offer something truly unique.

“Boma7 includes all the feedback we have learnt from customers over the last four years of off road wheelchair design and is unique in the market. Our success has been based on innovation and strong customer relationships.”

After 16 years as a wheelchair-user, Chris is very aware of the challenges facing those with mobility impairments in outdoor environments, and stresses the importance of design in overcoming them.

He said: “Enabling people through providing a well designed product like Boma7 is extremely rewarding. I know that travelling off tarmac into a previously inaccessible forest or onto a beach is exhilarating for any wheelchair user”.

Together with the Boma7, Molten Rock also distribute a large range of unique handcycles, allowing wheelchair users to participate in cycling for leisure or for competition. The Paralympic year of 2012 is set to be the company’s best year, bucking the wider fears of further recession.

He said: “2012 is an opportunity to showcase the many small British businesses offering unique designed products that can make a real difference to the worldwide disabled community.”

The robust Boma has been expedition proven in both the UK and Africa. In June 2011 a trial Boma 7 became the first electric wheelchair to drive to the summit of Ben Nevis, the highest mountain in the UK.

He said: “Many customers will never push their Boma7 to its performance limits but it’s good for them to know the chair will cope if they need to cross some muddy ground.”